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End of isolation

I’ve been away from blogging for quite a while. It’s not because of lack of issues that I care about and want my voice to be heard of. I have been meaning to write this article for sometime. My first blog post on December 2007, was about lack of access to bigger markets, and mobility of labour and resources in the absence of a nation wide transport system. On November 2008, I was delighted to hear about launching of a Nation wide transport Network by the new government. We have voiced, screamed, and have written about many things that can be done to make this nation a better place. However state bodies responsive to public sentiments are a rarity in Maldives. Hence the announcement came as a pleasant surprise and ever since than I have been meaning to write about it. The plan if implemented can provide solutions to most acute problems (Lack of easy access to bigger markets, no easy way to mobilize labor and resources and Isolation) facing the island communities. Registered p