9 September 2010

One step forward and three steps backward

The amendment to decentralization bill to have as many councils as you want has been ratified. According to this amendment each administrative unit   (mistakenly) called an island is also to have their separate councils.I   checked the meaning of island from the dictionary and it says 

“A land mass (smaller than a continent) that is surrounded by water”

Hence I do not understand how anyone can call a part or ward of an island such as kulhduhoo, fares, maathoda, hulhudhoo meedhoo, feydhoo, maradhoo, etc separately an island.   Two schools, two island offices, two health centers in an island where it only takes maximum 15 minutes to cover by walk-  with a combined population barely reaching a thousand or two  is really ridiculous. With that comes ‘artificial ‘job creation in the civil and other services where public money is wasted for zero productivity (5 or 6  billion out of 7 billion revenue as salaries) and the result is fat and expensive administration.

We gave up the choice to have a lean administration with minimal costs and save the money to use for productive work that would contribute to better quality of life.

Its a win for the politicians a great loss for the people!


Anonymous said...

Having 2 Island offices, 2 schools, 2 courts...and so on is not a problem, but having 2 counsel is what a huge problem.
More than 100 islands are living less than 1000 people.., major enomic and developmental problem. So why governmnet cant rais up with new consolidated policy rather than encouraging that small population living isolate do they have any?

Anonymous said...

maybe kandukos can fix your problem?

Maumoon vs. Kandukos


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