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United and on top

It pays to be united. Who would miss the opportunity to be in the top of the lists of any feasibility study on investments, projects, plans, schemes?    For an answer check the results of last referendum on administrative islands. Anyhow, now on, Addu will be referred as the largest island in the Maldives in terms of size and most probably with regard to trade, commerce and industrialization as well -in the near future. Congratulations!

Atoll Facts: before and after Presidential Decree (2010/15) on inhabited islands of the Maldives

Atoll Total inhabited islands before decree Total inhabited islands after decree Atoll population (census) 2006
Largest natural island/district(s) in the atoll (area in hectares)
Male 1 1 46,647
Male'  197
Ha 16 14 19500
Baarah 248.8
Hdh 16 13 22,186
Hanimaadhoo  259.5
Sh 16 14 14679
Milandhoo 125.5
N 13 13 14,042
Kedhikolhudhoo 218.7
R 15 15 19138
Fainu 50.1
B 13 13 11,993
Goidhoo 113.5
Lh 5 5 11205
felivaru 42.5
K 9 9 10,009
Kaashidhoo 276.5
AA 8 8 6246
Thoddoo 142.2
Adh 10 10 8,679
Dhigurah  42.8
V 5 5 2162
Felidhoo * 11.8
M 9 8 6,499
Kolhufushi  75.6
F 5 5 4713
Nilandhoo 49
Dh 8 7 6,740
Kudahuvadhoo 67
Th 13 13 13938
Kadoodhoo 78.2
L 12 11 14,464
Gan 516.6
Ga 10 9 12188
Kodey 104.4
Gdh 10 9 18,485
Vaadhoo 167.3
Gn 1 1 10193
Fuvahmulah 420
S 6 1 29,020
Addu (hithadhoo, feydhoo, maradhoo, maradhoo feydhoo district) 622.8
 Total 201 184 302726

Source: Presidents Office, DNP


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