28 January 2011

'minivan' media- on paper only!

I bumped into this bright young kid friend working in a private radio/tv station. She aspires to be a journalist after completing her a ‘levels.

‘You know, you guys are ***ing on our head in the name of independent journalism. We want facts and only facts and no opinions. ..’ I blurted out and went on and on about expressing our frustration with the media. In her defense she told me this

‘You know, we can’t show certain colours, people, pictures and read particular news’. Some of you may not be surprised to hear that but I was shocked.

What?!! Did they specifically instruct to do so?’ I asked her

No, it’s done very subtly and I want to get out from this circus and i’m not gonna do journalism. Changed my mind you know’. She said

Listening to factual, objective, well analyzed news and reports are a dream; we thought we realized with the new constitution. Truth is far from it and the whole media is guilty of playing partisan politics in the name of national interest and independent media. Each and every news channel is like a mouthpiece of a certain party. I guess its time we demand for a law on independent media.

The Perfect Honest to the Core and Willing to die for National interest MPs, will need a little push to pass such a law, before we lose our sanity.

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Anonymous said...

thts true.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi