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How to ban economic activities in Raajjethere creatively!

Policy of an inclusive fair economic agenda would be No island left behind No citizen left behind Ensure every citizen have an equal opportunity to grow, to prosper and contri bute to development of their islands and atoll communities. Recent Amendment to Regulation on operating tourist hotels in the Maldives , by Tourism ministry prohibits Islands without 24hrs electricity, police station, and health services running tourist hotels! As per statistics of Maldives police service, 107 islands in Maldives do not have Police presence. The result is excluding 98,329 Maldivian citizens from earning an income from mid-market tourism opportunities.  The regulation will also limit competition (guess to who)  while encouraging forced migration and depopulation by making it tough for 58% of islands to create jobs within the community. Call upon government to reconsider the amendments and not to let few oligarchs hijack economic policy!  Effected atolls by ne