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Putting a break on distribution of political posts like spoils of war!

With the introduction of new constitution we expected lean, mean and effective public institutions that could generate results. Instead it became a model of mismanagement acquiring numerous layers of fat in the form of political posts that suck resources best used elsewhere. Change in governments could not put a stop to distribution of political posts by the executive branch to clans, like spoils of war. The parliament not to be left behind surprised and even surpassed the executive/government in the race for increasing political posts with the new decentralization bill. The bill introduced more than 1000 posts of island councilors ; not to mention previous laws that created the post of parliament member for every 5000 pop.  With these developments democracy became a fiscally bitter pill to swallow for a debt ridden country like Maldives on the red. What could be the reason? First, politicians may have doubts about public servants being politically neutral profession