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Powers given to Island and Atoll Councils by now “Disabled” Decentralization law!

  9. Services Rendered by the Atoll Councils The atoll council shall provide the following services to the people of the islands within the administrative divisions in accordance with the powers and responsibilities stipulated in Article 8 of this Act. The government shall make financial and other facilities available within a reasonable time frame required to provide the services identified: (a) Provide the services that have to be rendered to more than one island in the administrative division, and undertake tasks that have been mandated to the council under various statutes; (b) Among the various public services rendered by the Government ministries and offices, provide those services that are required to be delivered in the administrative division through the atoll councils; (c) Provide assistance and cooperation required by the state institutions and Government offices established in the administrative division; (d) Establish and maintain a registra