4 January 2008

The price of isolation


"Emerging trend shows that the Northern atolls are becoming poorer compared to the southern atolls." 7th National Development Plan.
A survey on Vulnerability and poverty was conducted in 1998 and 2004.

According to 2004 survey report, 'Households living in the South had the best chance of escaping poverty and the lowest probability of falling back. Households in the North region faced the highest probability of remaining in, or falling into, poverty'.

For Development purposes the country is divided into five regions; North, North Central, Central, South Central and South. Thus developmental projects are aimed at covering major regions rather than a single atoll. The above report also states that“Income poverty is evidently greatest in the North (Ha, Hdh. Sh) and Central North, and apart from Male’, it is lowest in South and Central South”


There is no single reason for poverty. However one very important reason could be isolation: The existence of many numbers of islands with small populations, without easy accessibility to anywhere, limiting access to economic opportunities and demand for goods and services.

What is also obvious is that in this region (ha, Hdh, Sh), collective effort and action from the grass root level, to lift ourselves from poverty is lacking. At the same time we are very inactive in, effectively lobbying and pressuring the relevant parties to help us achieve our desired goals.

It is crucial that the region (ha, Hdh, Sh) as a whole should come together and join hands with all stake holders in order to make a difference and lift ourselves from poverty.


We can raise our voice on many issues. However, to get results, initially it is wise to concentrate on few, which are CRUCIAL to make a difference. That is

1. Population consolidation
2. Population consolidation
3. Population consolidation
4. Education and awareness
5. Economic opportunities (especially access to markets)


Anonymous said...

We can raise our voice, but who will listen? Is there a responsible and accountable government in the Maldives? I’m waiting….. for the day where “action will speak louder than words”. Can u remember how many years have passed after the announcement of population consolidation programme by the government? in how many islands did people lived 29 years ago, and today in how many islands are people living? I think this is enough.
But GB wants another 5 more year term to complete the reform agenda heheheee. Is this not a great joke? Don’t he have any advisor to tell him, the reason for a step-down now
Shame on u GB!

Muna Mohamed said...

Thanks for highliting it. we too feel, there is no one to listen from those who have to listen to us. anyway my objective is to tell the people of this region (the opinion leaders, i'm aware this blog will have a limited reach) lets get organized and start doing what needs to be done and at the same time do a better job of pressuring.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi