2 October 2010

The whole thing might backfire!

So far the noise regarding the referendum on islands proposed as one administrative unit is rather minimal with comments like there should be a law on referendum, and some groupings do not make sense etc.  Lack of proper laws is one aspect that stands between us and economic progress; but who is interested in passing such laws. Sometimes it seems that the problem with us is we have too many lawyers and criminals and ‘capitalism without ethics loving politicians’ rather than economists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs etc. (I know it’s a contradictory statement-we need honest lawyers and politicians. Don’t laugh.)

Living in a tiny island with a population barely reaching 500 is expensive and risky. You may have to hire a boat for couple of thousand Rufiyaa, even to buy a Panadol or staple food items like rice, floor.., If you can’t wait for a day or two, to get it.  Cost to maintain such an island to government is quadruple or even more because the basic services have to be provided in spite of it being available from a nearby island within a 10 minute boat ride. We have solved none of these extraordinary problems requiring ordinary solutions. The end result of this neglect is few people being transferred to the first world while half of the majority is in the third world and the other half is in the prehistoric era.  

Nevertheless, the government is not doing enough to educate the people on resulting benefits or loses of the move. Some talk on the ‘ if and possibilities’ is not enough. The people have the right to know the Hows and the Whats! Perhaps the government itself is not clear at the moment about what hardships will be eased up; except that, all will be able to reap the benefits of economics of scale and low transaction costs. In theory, to ensure success of any major change, it’s a must to provide some benefits (cheap ferry services within the administrative unit?) at the initial stage. Otherwise the whole thing might backfire!

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